Generosity can get u into trouble

On Tue while driving from Oil Libya
Parklands, at the lower lane that
joins Forest Road -exactly where they
join together with the
overpass from museum hill, I found a
distressed man holding a little
wrapped baby. Beside him lay
someone who seemed unconscious,
and across the road was a bodaboda
guy on a motorbike. Blessed with a
helping heart, i pulled about
15metres ahead so that i could see
how i could help. Just as i had
stepped out of the car and started
walking back to the ‘needy’ ones, a
Mercedes pulled up close by hooting
alarmingly to catch my attention and
parked in front of my car.
Instinctively, i got back in the car
and drove close to the Mercedes. The
driver warned me that those guys
were thugs and I should take off. I
obeyed the advice and left in a
dilemma of guilt i didn’t help if it
was genuine and at the same time
was grateful to God for sending
someone to save me…
Today i have confirmed the truth,
about 30mins
ago on my way to Westie to pick a
friend, i have seen the same group
again posing the same way as they
were on Tuesday - Even the rider!
Kindly friends take caution.
Share with friends and Family.