Generic Flash disk

So last year March, I bought a 32GB flash disk to use in transferring files, videos and music. The usb has been serving me really well and it has great transfer speeds. Unbeknown to me its actually a generic flash disk. I thought its an original one. I came to know its generic when I was booting it to copy windows to a laptop I have. It showed up in the boot option written as ‘32GB Generic Flash Disk’.


So generics actually work. I am amazed.

Did you manage to install win 10 successfully on your laptop?

Yes I did. I downloaded another version but a previous build and it worked flawlessly. It seems the latest build of Windows 20H2 is full of bugs and some drivers arent compatible with it no wonder it was crashing all the time.

Kadere niaje.

Fiti sana. Itakuaje boss.

Its generic. Its a toshiba branded as transMemory.

I dont get you boss.

Lakini unachukuaje 32 bit laptop? Ama ulijua ukiichukua…

Haikuwa 32bit. Ilikuwa 64bit. Windows yenye ilikuwa imeekwa ilikuwa ya 32bit. Nilienda kwa ‘About’ section nikaona. 32bit Operating System, x64 processor.

You were lucky. Most generic flash disks report false capacity. I prefer SanDisk for durability, cost and capability to encrypt folders with the contained software.

You need to learn about OEMs. For example My laptop is a Lenovo. The Battery is made By Sanyo Electronics, The screen is made by Samsung, The processor is from Intel, The RAMs are from Hynix, The Power adapter is made by LITE ON, The motherboard connectors are made by Foxcon, DVD ROM is Made by Panasonic them we say it is a LENOVO.

Furthermore when I go to Device Manager the advanced Keyboard on this Lenovo is just listed as Standard Keyboard yet it is backlit and is actually manufactured by Logitec a Swiss company.

Cool story bro

That is how OEMs work. Toshiba merged with samsung to make Disk drives their merger was called Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology TSST, their rival is Hitachi LG Storage also a merger. These two companies make 95%of all optical computer drives.

They sell those drives to HP, Dell and the rest.

When it comes to phones the case is the same. For example Safaricom Neon phones are made by TCL (Alcatel) and iTel and then they are loaded with customized Safaricom firmware

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