General Idi Amin Dada [A Self Portrait] (1974 - Barbet Schroeder | Tinc Productions)

Interview of Idi amin.

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I just watched his documentary 2 days ago. Him and Mobitu Sesseseko. Shows how Africans are bonobos and can’t run anything unless running it to the ground.

The West will never let the world forget this baffoon. To them he is the perfect baafrika head of State.

The difference between Gaddafi & Ruto is that, while both attract a cultist following, Ruto is ruthless & an expert in planning & execution.

The difference between Ruto & Idi Amin is that, while both are/were street smart & ruthless in execution, Ruto is also intelligent & booksmart.

When dealing with dogs and opponent’s subordinates, Ruto does not care who their owner/master is!

During Idi Amin’s regime we used to import a lot of agricultural produce from Uganda.

Umefungwa akili kijana. How does such a stupid person become president? The British loved Idi Amin when he was protecting their interests but he suddenly became a buffoon when he started going off script. Same for Mobutu, how did he manage to hold together a large country such as Zaire?

Kwanza hio cabinet meeting he unleashed his full bonobo mode. Mzee alikuwa anaongea pure nonsense.

Nigga had neurosyphilis. Watu was dryfry, watch out

Amin was a go-getter. 99.8 per cent of those who and will still call him names have never and never will they achieve even 2 per cent of whatever he achieved in his personal capacity as a human being.

Amin was one murderous buffoon. May Africa never see such ever again.

It has/had nothing to do with government input. Uganda is over 50% arable land, and this has been in reduction at a really high rate. UpTo early 90s only about 20% of Ugandan land would have been classified as arid. Compare that to Kenya. So yes we might have been importing food but that’s because of the weather and the land. Political interference comes on the part where the produce was largely smuggled out rather than openly traded. Otherwise Uganda is agriculturally naturally blessed and self sufficient. Same with Rwanda and Burundi.