Gender Roles Flexibility

I posted another post about a husband complaining about the wife’s inability to keep up with house chores. Personally I believe that the house is a woman’s forte but let’s be frank, our black men also are not the best in their role of providing, so that means that the lady does 100% of female gender roles, that is menstruation for a week a month, carrying pregnancy 9 months, labor, breastfeed for 6 months resume work 3 months after labor, organize the house, raise the kids, and still be a sex slave to the hubby. The list is too long I can’t list all gender roles for women. All the men are relegated to is providing and most don’t even do that well. So basically a woman becomes a beast of burden. If you as a man bcz especially black men are hypergamous, marry up you expect a woman who was raised with servants doing everything for her to now become your personal slave with no regard to the fact that she has the money in that relationship. She’s the one playing the male gender role of providing. She can afford to employ a chef, a nanny for each kid and all other domestic staff needed but you start causing a rukus over her not cooking for you or spreading the bed. Men is this really fair? Ama fairness is not a vocabulary in men’s thinking. If we are going to expect a traditional woman then we will need for you to step up to the plate and provide everything. Bure marriage is just another slave ship like the ones on the trans Atlantic. One party doing almost everything while the other is making demands that are unreasonable while they relax and get pampered like the white man and his black slaves. Wanawafanyia kila kitu hadi kuwanyonyeshea watoto. To me the modern man is no different than the white slave master or colonialist era. They want to enslave women. No wonder a wife who is 10 years younger than the husband after a few years ends up looking like his mother bcz of being a punda wife. Please women say no to slavery. In the name of marriage.