GEMA: Kenya's Kingmakers

2022 is shaping out to be a definitive turning point in Kenya’s politics. The GEMA community will turn out in large numbers to fulfill a 2013 election pledge made to Ruto by his campaign mate Uhuru.

This move has threatened and shaken the handshake which is seen as a personal, off the table agreement that was reached by the president and Raila.

Ahadi ni deni

Okuyu peasant shiets with their low IQ have been brainwashed by the Sugoiman. Yaani they never learn!!

We’d rather suffer on the hands of a stranger than one of our own…its time we show uhuru the middle finger

“William achape yake kumi”
Si mimi nimesema


tuko nyuma ya Uhunyeee

[SIZE=5]Mbwaaaaaaaaaaaah cocoa[/SIZE]

You and who?

I don’t support uncle Machos, khasia