Gearbox ya 3zz Nze

Wakubwa, one of my jalopies is misbehaving as usual. Gearbox imekufa reverse imekataa kuingia. I would be happy to get a referral to a shop dealing with ex-japan. Shamas and the usual culprits don’t have it in stock
Or the equivalent inaweza ingiana.

Yako ni manual ama auto?

Have you tried but just take caution kuna conmen pia. There are also a number of salvage car yards along the eastern by pass. You may get lucky if all this fail you can always import.

Yangu ni Auto

3zz is not a common engine. solution might to be import transmission or install a complete 1zz powertrain including the transmission and computer. will cost something like 80k at shamas or equivalent. There are no dimensional differences between 1zz, 2zz, and 3zz. the differences are displacement and the rotating assembly. I guess the mounts, shape and attachments are the same.

Get the transmission number from the engine bay on the silver plate that gives you engine type and color code. Once you have it, check for that trans or any other trans that will work in its place on the internet