GBwhatsApp 6.0

Thank you @Smoking Joe = @Afro

what’s new?

Hehe. Not at all. Nimeenda kuanzisha a thread only to find some has already beat me to it


How safe is this app?

I have the same concern about apps that aren’t from playstore


As long as you are not rooted and granted an app root permissions, the fear of non Google Play Store apps is unfounded. App za android can’t do s**t without root permissions that is irreversible.

  1. From Android 6.0, the Google Play Store scans apps on demand & automatically and then tells you if the said app is harmful. It is called Google Play Protect.
  1. Can replace Status column with Contacts
  2. Themes… Dark Mode, e.t.c
  3. Privacy. You can hide blue ticks, online status and other shit but you still have the ability to see the online status of others.
  4. Log. Kwa logs, unaeza ona wakati mtu aliingia online, wakati alieka status, wakati alichange profile pic blah blah
  5. Inbuilt password lock.
  6. Over 20 more features that I don’t use
  7. All Whatsapp features

Nice stuff…its an update


will this gb whatsapp remove me from groups if i change from default whatsapp?

Nop, you’ll still be in them groups.