Am scared for my gf. Her ex has been harassing her to the extent of causing physical injuries. The media is awash with people dead from the similar circumstances, and I fear the same predicament might befall my gf. Personally, I don’t want to fight the ex coz I think that would be a pussy move. But I feel the guy is too much having broken two of her phones and physically apprehending her every time. How do I go about this, please?

I can already foresee your grand appearance in the obituaries… that’s a toxic relationship and you’ll be what we call ’ collateral damage’


What action has your gf taken? cordinates ya emboubout alafu

How come they keep interacting?

Wanapatana aje kama sie wewe unakula muenjoyo.

:D:D watu wanafanya foreplay, unafikiria ni vita.

The women love those that are abusive. Very soon they will meet behind your back and have a very abusive reconciliation sex.

Dismiss the woman wamalizane kwanza. Life is too short for drama. Ama niaje @TrumanCapote

  1. How and why do they keep meeting if they are EXs?
  2. Why is he being abusive?
  3. Was her dad abusive to the mother?
  4. Call 1195
  5. Why haven’t you gone to the police? Ama kupiga 911?
  6. Unaogopa utapigwa pia?

Omwami bado unakula dem

leta namba ya huyo dem nisaidie

You do not understand. I got nothing to do with it and am not involving myself in the same . Her friend is the one who tells me and she has absolutely no reason to lie to me.

Reported the guy to police but no action has been taken.

It’s the ex who keeps coming to her place. He knows where she lives.

I get thia information from a third party. It’s very true.

Ex keeps ambushing her at her place.

He wants to be taken back

Maybe. But I don’t wanna get involved shit will not end right.

The girl you’re dating is not seeking solace in you. Ask why.

Hii case ya fighting the guy is not that bad because in this case you’re protecting your woman not fighting for her. Ukipiga huyo jamaa proper and considering you have filed a complaint, you’re in the green. It’s a matter of protection and self defence here.

Ask your gf to record his stalking ikuwe evidence.

Mnasalimiana na huyo EX.

Siku moja time huyo ex na umpige. Na kama huwezi solo tafuta beshte yako wa maana mmpige. If he’s not in the force or anything ngojeni ile siku atakam kwa your gf. Ndio mkimpiga if things zifike mbele mseme mlikuwa mnatetea dem. Najua hufai kujiinvolve kwa hizi vitu but maboy hupiga madem huniboo sana. Kwanza if its excessive.

why does she keep opening the door for him? How comes he can tell when she is at home? She seems to be inviting the guy in willingly

Change number,block all social media and relocate to a new place,your GF likes drama or she is the drama herself.Just watch the movie and act some scenes

Halafu wa sync siku ya kupiga huyo na siku ya kuhama. 2 blows in rapid fire. Mujamaa hatasahau, itakuwa ni funzo kali kwake na wenye nia kama yake.

Hahaaa… kubali tu unaogopa kulimwa ma ngumi na uyo jamaa.