This is the only reason I buy the DN newspaper, Online Edishen; Tenders and Supplement adverts.
Byze way, I do not read the articles and news stories coz they are usually stale news and columns are poorly written and/or plagiarized from online forums, like this kijiji.

Hanaway, for Ze Mbirrionaires in the house, there is a very potentially lucrative prequalification advert by ChildFund Kenya, an International NGO.

If you are into consultancy, there is a very good chance here ya kunukisha kitunguu.

The advert is on page 23.

The Butali Sugar Mills 10th Anniversary Supplement has a lot of Advertisers. This is a great opportunity for getting prospective clients for your goods and services.

Kitunguu inukie Wadau. All the best.

Almost thought umerudisha Gazeti kama zile enzi za kitambo OF the old KTalk

It’s only 40bob.
Usikuwe stingy kama @uwesmake