Gazeti sharing: Help!

I have just downloaded todays copy from DN Epaper on my phone, but I cant even see the fine print coz the phone screen is a bit small(3.5 inch).
Am trying to see how i can bypass the locking and share it by sending it to gmail or by using bluetooth so that i can read it on my laptop lakini inakataa…
anyone with the idea how i can do it??

ina download kama pdf?

Zii…but you have given me a great idea! lemmie see if it works

@bei; Its now on my dropbox…am trying to upload it here without exposing me self…

asante sana electronics4u for the link

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@Meria; Naona ulipata Mail yangu. Karibu sana!
Link ndio hii tena:

downloaded it…Barikiwa sana electronics4u

Thank you

Download then transfer to pc na cable

Try LUCKY PATCHER bill hacker maeby inaweza bypass lakini sijawai try…

Root access needed

Si utusaidie na ya leo ndugu…

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Asanti bro… Keep us posted please

hapo sawa…

gatheti iko tusaidiwe tafasari?! :slight_smile:

Hah… Weee @Zarina mwambie akupee ya PDF format :smiley: