after a investigation,i have come to realise that kuna mashoga wengi sana hapa,any one who is pro gay is a closet gay

Thats a nice story, now bend over.

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People who constantly talk about other people’s sexuality are the ones in the closet… Sahii unapima reactions uone how the world will react when you finally come out :D:D


Unataka jamaa fresh ajitokeze umkatie ama?


Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection, suggests a new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires, albeit undercover ones.

Does homophobia have anything to do with homosexual tendencies?
Apparently, the answer to this age-old question is an unabashed “yes.” A past study, published by theAmerican Psychological Association, was designed to “investigate whether homophobic men show more sexual arousal to homosexual cues than non-homophobic men.”

(CBS News) Do homophobic people actually fear their own unconscious feelings? A new study suggests that people who repress their own sexual attraction to the same sex are more likely to express hostility towards gays.


walks away singing…pili pili usioila yakuwashia nini

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only guys who go timber when they see a man bend over are this insecure about their sexuality

nawahesabu,tally at 6

even you?

Sasa @Col Kakende ? Kuku- miss nayo!..

Ati invesitagation? Kwani ulitype ka umechora saba?


Homophobes are homos in denial. Hapo juu vile @nairobilay amesema.

Wakanyama =Wagay,Heshipoto wewe

gays attacking me in droves,lakini siogopi

After a investigation?, I pity your English teacher.Stick to your Ongwaro security job

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mimi najua tu mashemale wa huku

mimi na roast nyama,@uncle nyam ndiye watchman,foreskin umesika?

ni sio col kakende mimi ni generali wamaguku

Investigations into the gays in the village? For someone who really hates gays, you sure do talk about them a lot.

Usijali, Kenya si kama Uganda. Hakuna mtu atakuua ukitoka kabatini.

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