Gay Themes in movies.

The West is just hell bend to make us believe /accept that being Gay is normal. All the good movies they are making have a “Gay” theme. “Scandal” is a very good series, but Cyrus the V.p, a man, has a “husband”, then came "The haves and the havenots ", now “How to get away with murder” is full of Gay shiet. Why do I have to watch a movie with the remote control in my hands to keep forwarding past the dirty scenes instead of a glass of Konyagi in my hands?


sasa unataka tufanye?

At least jack Bauer wasn’t a fagget

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yea man thats some really depressng shit.kama sjui empire na shameless

[ATTACH=full]5067[/ATTACH] Look at what they now call cartoons [ATTACH=full]5065[/ATTACH]




You forwarding past those scenes should be the least of your worries.

The kids will not forward, they’ll rewind, soak it all in, and in ten years heterosexual sex will be taboo.


@uncle nyam You are one twisted nigga, hiyo mbisha ya pili uliget ukitafuta incest porn ama?


No. But what is seen cannot be unseen


@uncle nyam = lucifer 13…:eek:

I hate fag sh! t but I must confess I really liked the gay “Job” character in Banshee.

Yes. Really @ol monk. Especially so if you as a parent are too busy looking for cash to raise your kids.

Nikubaya boss!!

We’re churning out robots that we have little time for. They’ll grow up and become that successful lawyer/ engineer … Bla bla that we wanted them to be.

But they will all be GAY.

Like @Wakahomo

Try afrosinema no need for a remote

Sina TV…

Why do you think I support our original traditions and cultures? These foreign traditions and cultures are systematically breaking our communities and the result of that is the chaos we’re in.
The problem is those of us that see where the rot is coming from are not fighting hard enough to end it. Switch off that tv, turn off that radio, throw out those books that corrupt your mind and unfriend those who don’t add to your character and most importantly encourage others to learn what you know.