Gatundu Crescent ( shocking stuff, check photos )

Store on Gatundu Crescent called Nobri sells everything you would buy at USA stores.

small supermarket though
Avocado Oil
Ziploc Bags
Bin liners
Lotions, Detergents, cooking stuff, plenty

So huko ndio ulipeleka_____matembeze?.

most of the products are from Costco stores.



All Costco products. Concerned about some of the damaged packaging…

Yet no Kenyan items feature in any Costco’s

It should be shut down for not supporting local industries

Who owns it?

Anywho, the products I enjoy most that one can’t find in Kenya are: Bounty wipes, Charmin toilet tissue and Ziplock freezer bags.

Thanks for this,Birrioneas will be on our way there this weekend

Make sure you buy toilet paper made in the USA. Utapenda…Kenyan TP is horrible, that’s why I always carry my own TP and other products when visiting Kenya.

I am sure they’re quality products in Kenya like those at game supermarket.

Eeeer…not even close.

But they are all made in China.

-Charmin is manufactured by Hoberg Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

-Bounty is an American paper towel product manufactured by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in the United States.

-BAY CITY, Mich. — The company that produces Ziploc storage bags is expanding a plant in Bay City, Mich.

SC Johnson says the plant makes billions of the bags yearly that are exported to seven countries.

You’re beginning to sound like the North American version of “Real Tigress” (a.k.a Ms. Shosho Wa Kibutu).

Ara! There are Kenyan-born people with great grandchildren in the USA na hawaringi.


Kuna watu tunapanga kukula breakfast in 3 hours time so wacheni kuongelelea tissue papers huku. Not now priss

Kenyan Tp iko sawa, shida ni your ass

Iko sawa kwako because you don’t appreciate quality.

Quality my foot, muchatha goes to the US after kuchangiwa na the whole village only for her to start dissing everything Kenyan afew years after.

Quality comes at a cost. How much is tissue paper in US?

Maybe she has a point. The quality of most of products is wanting ranging from tissue paper…phones…whiskeys…and worst of them all, the poor, ineffective medicine we import from India. The question here is, can we really afford quality?