Gathoni wa Muchomba ameongea - amesema Finance Bill is BAD


She’s barely. BARELY literate. I doubt she has grasp of how the economy and taxation works. Being popular and being knowledgeable are two different things. She has accomplished nothing but ride popular waves. There’s no philosophy guiding her work in politics other than a salary. Her first public statement after she was elected was to demand a better salary

Mama we county aongee na asisumbuliwe na Tūgegee.

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Kagege Trulia Jsks atawale

Finance bill lazima ipitishwe mbwa koko za jubilee zitulie

Niko nyuma ya huyo mumama

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There have been some changes made to those tax proposals thanks to voices like hers and others. Kazi safi from this mumama… am surprised her detractors have not unleashed her scandals of the kitanda type with the likes of rexx our resident :hippopotamus::hippopotamus: lover