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That gazeti are going to be sued so heavily by those guys they wont know what hit them. let the defamation suits begin!

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There is a time when an insinuation that someone was a sodomite was considered defamatory. Now? I doubt the suits would be as heavy as you think.

I still thinkthey will come. With homosexuality being illegal in this country, the article in that paper is pointing out that these individuals are breaking the law. Secondly, some of these are public figures, whether is politics or media or whatever. Such an article has a bearing on how they will conduct business and can be shown to have impacted their lives, privately and publicly, in a negative manner. Third, considering some of these people, not fighting or responding to such allegations might be construed as a quiet admission of guilt, and Im sure they cant have that.

@highschooler … mimi sifanyii wanaume hiyo kitendo tena…am reformed

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