Keep up the good work.

lastly…i have no reason to join klist ikrudi…am starting to like it here…but hakuna matusi

Thank you good sir!have a blessed day


Could have shared Business Daily but…[ATTACH=full]612[/ATTACH]

@Aurak wazi mwanaume :slight_smile:

@kiki renew usaidie…

Nishafunga hiyo chapter. Otherwise,
You get 1 Month free per device.

also available on iOS.

Caveat on the Safaricom epaper: Only works with safaricom line the last time I checked, so no wifi. Nation can range from 20MB to 80MB.
Business daily 5MB-30MB. Works over wifi.

[ATTACH=full]613[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]614[/ATTACH]

aurak apewe category yake na afanywe mod

@kiki na iyo app ukitry ku.i.patch with lucky patcher?!

On luck patcher the menu of patches has nothing (checked on somebody else’s device.) I’m on iOS. iAPfree, Localiapstore and UDID Faker are not working. Unless a patch that randomizes your device ID and one uses a different email to register. That way one can change their device ID every month. Probably can be done using Flex. Don’t know if android has something like this.

woi woi woi… sasawa basi haina shida… tutasaiwldiwa basi na a willing villager
azande :smiley:



Patched Business Daily successfully on iOS. Daily Nation is cumbersome.
My subscription was valid till the 23 of Nov 2014. But managed to download today’s paper. If you have an idevice and you’ve jailbreaked it, I may assist you with the offsets.[ATTACH=full]632[/ATTACH]

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Android has way much better options than ios… Semeni tuwasaidie