Gathecas Statue surprises many!



Huyu si moody awori?

Hapana, gatheca mwenyewe

Konyagi eyez are legendary :smiley:

Those in that picture should be shot dead for insulting the president indirectly

Wacha siasa asubuhi :smiley:


Ronaldo statu

Constipated statue

Idiots it’s a bust of Cyril Ramaphosa.

Wat dafuq is that atrocity…?

Statue looks drunk.

This is SA prezzo’s statue.

:D:D:D:D what do the sculptor want to achieve.It might offend the intended recipient.

Alisema uhuru apatiwe hiyo kama zawadi


@digi ,hii yako sasa ni ukcoomer sio nini ama nini
the sculpture of president Ramaphosa was crafted in 2018 and given to the Venda King, Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, as an honorary gift. The stachu was unveiled by Thandi Moraka, the Limpopo member of executive council for Sports, Arts and Culture, on Saturday, as an ode to the president of South Africa. The bust is currently housed at the Matsila Royal Kraal in Vhembe, pale Limpopo.If you didn’t know…now you know

he is that way on/in the inside though…

hehe wametusi ramaphosa.

Amekula ndimu.