Gatheca spotted with Lady

Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margaret during his run to be MP for Gatundu South in 1997. [ATTACH=full]249353[/ATTACH]

The beginning of shiney eyes.

haha…watu hutoka far…hapa nikiwa fourth year tulikula pesa ya kamben

Hii tuliona @Mundu Mulosi akichanga pesa ndio anununue kisiagi.

Uhuru doesn’t seem to have that polygamy gene. Moi was known to have many girlfriends. Jomo Kenyatta had children by many women. Ruto is known to have had one mwk and there could be a few out there. Uhuru seems to be a zero grazing guy.

unasema zile story za waiguru ni porojo tu?

Ni mjanja tu lakini ni fisi kuruka.

transformer kwisha kazi.

Bila picha hizi ni hekaya tu, Moi was gay

Wapi effidence apart from waiguru

:D:D I always thought ni muchene.

He shouldn’t hide too much his ufisiness. If you have sons you have to be as normal a guy as possible lakini sio madharau kwa wife

Hapa ndio hata mimi I assume. Makali na hizo vitu are not a joke

:smiley: ever heard of Pangani Girls principal Cheruiyot. Ulizia

Many habitual drinkers are normally that way.

Yes. Beer is the side chick.

of course! where’s your proof??

Mrs Uhuru was a hot laptop back in the day!!

He looked so disinterested in what’s going on around him…like his heart was not into this.


Most Kenyan man have a roving eye and cannot keep it zipped in. The line is crossed when a man sires watoi huko nje. Now that right there is what some of us cannot entertain. Uhuru is smart on this one as what is out there is just juicy rumours.