Gatheca bows down to pressure. ( kwisha)

President Uhuru Kenyatta announces that after family consultation, today marks the last public memorial of founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. [ATTACH=full]255486[/ATTACH]

why is there a memorial for that fucker anyway

si watoe yeye basi kwa public place na watoe public security hapo?

Wapeleke mzae ichaweri…

Rao ako wapi?

Huyo mwizi atuibie halafu tuende kwa kanisa kumpigia makofi

Pressure from who ?

I think I’m very different from all of you. I really dislike the late mzee for all the thievery, betrayals and the letdowns effected on us during his reign, but I am somewhat informed that he really has a place in our country’s history, a place that seems to be more significant than any of the other numerous heroes of our freedom. It is so, albeit to the chagrin of many of us, like @Okiya Omutata. It will be hypocrisy to think we can easily blot out his mark just like that.

Whether his images are on the currency notes or not, I am actually OK with it. All I silently know is that hata tukijifanya hakua wetu, the rest of the wide world has his name as the founding president of the Republic of Kenya! Like that or just don’t!

Ouru amezeeka


The sneer on arap’s face :D.

Dynasties ni stress. :smiley:

This is what happens when u drink too much whiskey on a daily basis

You can imagine a sane man like ruto being forced to go worship someone who is irrelevant and evil

Ruto himself is even more evil so he shouldn’t complain

Sura ya Ruto is worse than anything on earth

@Mrs Shosho Ngina wa Kenyatta hawezi kanyaga carpet?

hio mama ndio true fossil.kwani aliolewa akiwa 13 jias ama?

About 18. She was born sometime in1942.

[SIZE=7]f**k jomo kenyatta…[/SIZE]