This cartoonist on DN is a complete opposite of GADO. He tries sometimes but in most cases his cartoons lack the sense of humor and are very hard to interpret.

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His cartoons are too complicated like this one has an appropriate message but a cartoon u are not supposed to struggle to decipher it

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There is no important message there. Its veeery hard to understand and quite honestly the worst job a cartoonist can do. (explaining your drawings!!) Gado was much much better. Waste of space that one

Si warudishe tu Gado.

His cartoons are not all bad, but his obsession with Uhuru s psychotic. I know the guy personally by the way and he is that irritating clogasnort in the nose which you can’t reach with your finger…

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Guka hii ata Google haijui. I’m guessing it’s that hardened makamasi?


This is an easy one, kuna zingine I try to decipher and end up telling myself maybe am not that bright, and I move on.

Gado and Maddo are the only cartoonists worth mentioning. The others are too boring, or too inconsistent

Gado never needed words. you look at the cartoon and the message jumps right out. hii mujamaa na igah are nowhere near.


I made it up, he he he! Lakini si it communicates?

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Hehe yeah it does. I’m actually a little surprised the word doesn’t exist.

I once asked what happened to GADDO no one answered. i personally am great follower of editorial cartoon but the new guys lack persuasive techniques; talk of exaggeration, symbolism, related labeling, sarcasm etc, the reason these days i don’t buy newspapers.

I havent understood this one.

this guy has an obsession with peoples noses, he likes them monstrous

Si Gado alufutwa job juu ya kuwa politically incorrect?

Njumbiree put pressure on Linus Gitahi to fire him.

So sad…

Cartoon in the Daily Nation today.

What is this? Is he saying that Kenyan athletes are doping?

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