Gate decorations Supplier needed

Hello Kenyatalkers
I’m looking for a supplier who can sell me gate decorations in nairobi or mombasa. My current supplier is in nairobi and has good prices, only issue is that i claim vat and they don’t know how to remove receipt of vat.
I don’t keep ready made gate sheets.
I keep small items. Eg, bushes, flowers, baskets, corners, and more.
Supplier should know how to keep buyers pin.
Supplier should deliver to bus, I’ll pay for transport and piki piki.
Please share contacts.

Weka picha. I have no idea what you want.

Tembea Gikomba, there are people who give VAT


You’re a metal fabricator?

I find these decorations not pleasing to the eye. I’d rather have a plain gate than have some of these

I’m just a business person selling these items