Gashwin and Meria Mata

I see VS @gashwin and VS @Meria Mata have joined the list of waliotuwacha which includes talkers like

@vuja de @Okwonkwo @aviator @Web Dev @The_Virus @Ruffneck @Patrome @Lola- @Rivermbaji @kawambui @Purr_27 @KUNGU THE PILOT @bjurmann @jerrydubiz @kingolonde @Some Say @karema-hitI @Acoustic @wildfrank @Young

What of the Maanzoni cartel

Ata kajamaa ka kuomba pilsner nikama kalikula pishori double.

Drop your handle and come back with a new one to post meffi like meria. Ghaseer!

Nani huyo?

Many of them are still here. Only that they chose to say nothing.

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@mtura-ndom



@Okwonkwo my cow…please come back

Melia mata = @Baba yake Digi
Gashui = @digi

Once I knew that almost everyone here has several handles, I stopped wondering where everyone went. BTW if you know some of them off the forum and you touch base about something utakuta they are v much around and have read each and everything. Sometimes people also move on and do not want to comment but interestingly they want to read and some of them whinge at the content. I am like where is your content…anything even a one liner?anything?For instance Bjurmann logs in some hr when Kenyans are asleep but I am sometimes online…he reads and logs out!

Now on Gashwin…several people here made it a career to call him an idler every single day. That is not nice.
I must say I miss Okwonkwo…mad as hell…

A forum is made up of diverse views.

Please give me a break…he is here everyday with a new handle…he has admitted he has 4 handles.

Only @Okiya does not know.

Yes I agree that they might be having multiple handles. But I would prefer interacting with someone on his/her original handle than a new handle

Wacha nimshow akuje. Hes my friend.

Not might have other handles, they do. If I know that, then you should Okiya since you have been here longer. I agree whole heartedly about them using one main handle as this handle is the one we readers know and recognise and respect.
Having multi handles would not bother an admin or mods. To them it is BaU since they can see huko nyuma that the said folk are still online logged in as so and so…

I have 30 ktalk friends who I know outside ktalk but none has ever admitted their other handles

Oki…I know about 20 or more and most have told me their other handles after I grilled. But it is all good tho whatever makes one happy I guess.

I am sure some of them are on a go slow after the recent debacle but if they really knew the whole truth…they would be so shocked. I shall leave it at that. Because if I say what I know, leakage will be apportioned to the wrong person.
Still kind of you Okiya to check on them.

Village idler @gashwin hawes toka Kenyatalk. Withdrawal symptoms tamalisa yeye.