Gas burner

What gas burners conserve gas best? Rule out ramtons.

You are safer with the heavy weight brands (read Japanese) irrespective of their country of manufacture. That is if you can bear higher price tag. Everything else is Chinese in every way.

What you mean? There are hundreds of different types of gas burners dependent on Intended usage. Kama unahitaji meko , go for it, not everyone uses it. There are those who need burners that empty your 12.5kg cylinder in a matter of hours.

@Bus, we would.appreciate locally available heavy weight brands.

There’s an Italian brand called Bompani. Have a look here and thank me later:

There’s also a Turkish brand called Beko which I gather is a big name even in the U.K (perhaps @Ka-Buda can confirm this). You’ll find it at the same website. A colleague who’s used it says iko sawa.

Too right,Beko is big in Europe ata all my Kitchen appliances are all Beko.

So I go buy two or three gas cylinders and meko burners. Am trying to avoid “burners that empty your 12.5kg cylinder in a matter of hours”. The burner is for cooking for a bachelor or often two people.

I know bompani from the fact we had it where I come from and it is still there and functional. Its premium and does better efficiency than meko burner but I have never seen it in a shop.

Will look up this too.

The shop whose address I’ve given you is as Kenyan as they come. Plus, I use it and got it from a very Kenyan shop: Naivas.:slight_smile:

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Sanyo , Panasonic, Hitachi.

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