Garissa county economy will lose.

In this modern era where counties are competing with one another to increase economic activities locally, it’s not hard to see that some counties will stagnate while others will thrive. I don’t know too many people who would go there (Garissa) and risk their lives after what happened. Machakos county seems like a perfect place to live, work and raise children. Crime is low and the governor is forward thinking performer. Personally I would not live or work in Garissa and I would not pass through there if I can help it.
So if I was to vote with my wallet, Machakos would win.
Now I totally understand the travel advisories. I don’t blame the tourists for fearing for their own lives. When terrorists strike, the only thing your family will get is countless condolences


Kwanza hiyo uni, roho safi they might as well convert it to a cow shed. Hiyo imeisha tu hivyo. I don’t foresee any student or parent ever wanting to go there or take their kid there. Never.

And this constant government narrative of ‘we’ll pay their funeral expenses’ makes me sick. Where was the gov’t before they died? Do we suddenly matter to our gov’t only in our death? Double nkt!! :mad: :mad:


Its my view that some of us are taking a rather simplistic view of what happened and what should have . Garissa was the result of an interplay of several complex issues- the black marketeers and bucaneers who have thrived from the lack of govt in somalia had their economic lifeline cut off when KDF entered Som. they are now taking advantage of simple minded youth who have been brainwashed to believe that their religion is under persecution and community marginalized to cause chaos to force KDF out. what their young minds cannot see is the bigger, longterm picture where their community is being pushed further into a vicious cycle of no education, more poverty, more violence (because the uneducated poor must eat!) in a fast moving world.


Aren’t you lying? Either that or the only other town you ever lived in was Hell.

by the way i also lived in garissa 2003 to 06 and i loved the town. i would agree one of the best i lived in.

Btw I also have a friend who studied there in some colle and he really liked that place, sijui ina uchawi gani

garrisa is a nice place.
biz minded people had started flocking…
i know quite a few.
they all said it was a nice place.
before the attack.

Security is directly proportional to economic development…investing in insecure area is like giving unsecured loan to a foreigner

mwenye uni si aidonate kwa army iwe barracks

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hii ni kama kuuza samosa kwa matanga:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:.

Hiyo inabamba maskini. Ata wanakataa na miili ya maskini ati hadi serikali iwazike. Such things appeal to the poor. The government doesnt care about what you educated person wants. You are a danger to their existence anyway. After all its easier for a politician to deal with majority poor illiterate people than deal with doctors, engineers etc.