Directions have been given in the bible in relation to the garden.In Genesis 2:13(KJV) Ethiopia is mentioned in this regard.Scientifically paleontologists have excavated six million years of life and conclude that Ethiopia is the scientific location of human origin, a scientifically true Garden of Eden.

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If you believe in that book, then you’d know that as a proper Christian, you shouldn’t bother with testing it because it infallible.

Now, do you see a problem here?


how is Israel the origin of man?

If you read verse 14, the Euphrates and Tigris rivers are also mentioned as flowing in the garden, running along the East side.

A quick Google guide tells me that Tigris and Euphrates are “From sources in the Taurus mountains of eastern Turkey they flow by/through Syria through Iraq into the Persian Gulf”.
So it seems like Eden was a big place…and if the present names of the rivers still meant the same as in the olden days, then Eden was in Asia…and maybe extended to Ethiopia as the other four rivers mentioned in the verse can be found there.

We cant use science(fossils) with the creation theory though

:D:D:D:D haijasema. It only shows that the Israelites were the chosen people

Ahhhh…, According to my History lessons, the oldest fossils of man were found in Turkana. Then if there is no ther older fossil ever found in the world after years of excavations…then…GARDEN OF EDEN WAS IN TURKANA KENYA. Dissaprove the hypothesis with facts not probabilities

Is that how low you think of yourself? Please repeat what you’ve typed aloud…
Then think

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…And Turkana and Ethiopia were part of the Cush Empire through which the mighty Nile flowed…

Pardon me, I missed the joke eons ago

How do you argue with two theories that disapprove each other? Creation and Evolution Theory…Ghaiiii fafa… SMH

, @trish dear, do you actually believe God loves /loved one race more than the others? This is a lie propagated by the Jews themselves to make sure you worship them


woi…yeah that seems so unfair. Ofcos theres a part of me that questions the genuineness of that. But even in a family setup, a mother has the favorite son, the child who listens to her when she commands. That child who respects her. Yes, she might love all equally, but there’s always a special place for that one child.

May be so with God, since Abraham and family, didnt worship idols, and since Abraham listened and obeyed God, God chose him, albeit with his descendants

And how do you know for example, kikuyus dint obey God? And who told you that story, God or an ancient ISRAELI man who wrote a book? Anyway, we might just have to agree to disagree

I believe he’s true because I have a personal evidence…a paranormal experience. Otherwise I have spent many years as an atheist

Do tell!!

:D:D:D:Dand there’s always a guy fishing for a hekaya in between the lines.

Let me pass on that

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Wewe @trish wacha hekaya…