GAni kali

Yenye niko na funguo yake.


Pana tambua kitu siwezi cheza nayo kwa matope.

Jeep guys talk like that

Jeep got nothing on me…

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These week I’m osungu free…iv been very supportive to some of your ideas and in return I need to be osungu free Sawa …:slight_smile:

So you own no jeep? ?

You just ruined it. Hehehe…
I don’t own a Jeep.
77 Chevy Blazer K5


More nightmares tonight …damn it though I’m going to quote you …hang on don’t be excited …looking

You are right ,you own chevy.the dude who responded after you talked of jeep grand Cherokee as his dream car …

Chevy yako ni red in colour LHD?@introvert

Hiyo ni pikipiki…
LHD yes.

Yeah hata mimi grand kerochee hunibamba sana