Gang rapes mother and defiles minor

Was merely pointing out a possible root cause of such brutality if at all culprits are to be apprehended.

substance use and substance abuse are two very different things, sir. Do those people in Netherlands use or abuse substances? Just look at the case of people who’ve molested grannies and kids in the past… Most share one common thing - they’re substance abusers, not users. But you are right though. The gang may have had express instructions to do that, though I do not think a person would wake up one day and go rape a mother and their kid on a sober mind.

Cannabis side effects include; munchies, euphoria, mild paranoia, cotton mouth, jicho nyanya, creativity, meditation, peace and love but not violence …hujawahi sikia bangi ni kama wizi? Hiyo ni assignment nimekupatia.

Bombolulu style

Catholic fathers do not abuse any of those things but they still abuse small boys. A pedophile doesn’t an excuse to commit a crime.

statistics point to most criminals being substance abusers. Hapa Eastlando most Mauki or whatever criminal gangs are made of substance abusers. Hizi kesi za watu kurape grannies and children zimejaa tu substance abusers. Catholic priests hapo sina explanation though. It is the norm than the exception, I’d say. But I agree with you guys all the same.

That comment says a lot about you!

I doubt it has anything to do with the d!ck, all men have it but use it the way they reason it is in the best interest of their loved ones, themselves and the society at large. The key word is “reason”, such lunatics have flawed thought process which can only be compared to a basic animal.