Gang rapes mother and defiles minor

A middle aged woman was raped and her nine year old daughter was defiled in Marakusi village in Lugari constituency, by a machete welding five men gang.
What is not happening in this country.

bangi is happening.

Somebody should deal with this fuckers, they can’t spare a little girl.

Maragoli zinatuharibia jina,engineer nyamdog kuja kidogo.

Such people should just be killed.

the woman ni sawa but mtoi ni wrong sanaaaa

Pumbavu we VS. Fala tu.

And b4 killed thet should also defilled

That’s every parents nightmare.
I would hack to pieces such scum if I ever come across them.

I didn’t want to open this thread and I can’t tell how I ended up here. But if I had an opportunity I would cut them I[/I] into pieces as per their joints starting from the big toe. Then cut the d!ck as per the muscles when erect. Chieth!!!

Stop complicating retribution. Will you arouse them first??


waitiwe ile coasterian gang…watengenezwe mkia hadi wakojoe:(:mad::(:mad:

Here is proof that evolution can go in reverse Cc @FieldMarshal CouchP . I know you wont understand so bring on the “gay jokes” comment…Shenji

Bangi hapana shida.mbona sisi hatufanyi hivo?

so shida ni ipi haswa?

Revenge mission sioni vile a gang inaamka siku moja na kuchukua machetes “ati tuende kwa ule mama tumkamue na mdaughter yake cha nguvu” there must be something she did to somebody/some people prompting the brutality.

Still she doen’t deserve that

still, a normal person does not wake up and go about raping mother and child gang style without some stimulant in the system. Bangi iko involved.

Kama ni bangi, cannabis capital Amsterdam ingeongoza kwako such crimes… Apan haribia mmea was Mungu jina.