Gaming and movie shop

Gentlemen and ladies, a friend of mine is considering opening a gaming and movie shop in a residential place somewhere along Thika Road.

Quite a number of youth living there. Most of the residents seem to be doing well. Not a fancy neighborhood but neither do paupers (no offense people) live there. Not that many living in this neighborhood too.

So I ask, what exactly is he signing up for in terms of cost, profit and all those financial metrics?

Anyone with tacit knowledge (or otherwise as long as it helps) about the business can chip in.

Make sure akue na fee kwa shop ama atalia kwa choo

Gaming is a seasonal biz, kama sahii school holidays atakuwa anakafunga but shule zikifunguliwa kutakauka. Akiweka PS4 a-make sure hizo milango zimekuwa reinforced properly, ama siku moja ataamka apate imevunjwa na PS na TV zote zimeenda. Watchie atasema hakuskia kitu. PS4 ni hot cake sahii. Watu wa copyright, some genuine and some conmen, pia watakuwa wanamtembelea mara kwa mara, na each time atakuwa anapart na between 5k and 10k depending on his negotiation skills.

High investment, low returns.
Worse when you are talking of a middle-income neighborhood where many people have their own PS4s.

You might wait even 2 years before breaking even.

Hii bizna imekuwa sasa kama pool table, it made money and everyone invested in it. Zile base za PS nilikuwa naona zimejaa are usually empty nowadays. So trick imekuwa kureduce bei ya kucheza to attract clientele, which tells you automatically that its an investment on its deathbed