Hebu watu waseme zile games zimewabamba sana preferably first person shooter pc games and the recomended pc specs…


FPS- call of duty black ops 1n2 esp 2, modeen warfare 3 hizo tatu ni my best kwa cod franchise. Ghosts ni poa huko mwisho beginning iko kinda of borring


Deadfall adventures, Metro redux 2033(a horror fps). Arma 3 ni more realistic though got bored with it… Battlefield 4 ilinibore did not finish… Spec ops a very good FPS though hard but challenging… Stalker call of priyat nice too…

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Arcade fighting kuna Mortal kombat na Street fighter though mimi ni msee wa MK damu…

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Woi FPS nimesahau FAR CRY 3 N 4. very good games. The only ubisoft games i can play.

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Elderly scrolls:Skyrim one hell of a nice game. Kupigana na swords

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tubadilishane hizi games. my best is sleeping dogs, hitman absolution

Hitman absolution niliachia hiyo place ya kuua king of China town. The cops kept nabbing me

Na pia crysis 3… Best graphics on a game

@Deorro minimum pc requirements za most of these games ni?

What specs is your device?

4gb ram

Go for games released 2012 n below

What laptop would you recommend for the kind of games you play? And the specs.

Kama u have your own crib theb wachana na laptop. Jenga a desktop rig

crysis 2 n 3, far cry 3

who want an exchange?

who want an exchange?

who want an exchange?