Gamers are the future of war... drones are more effective than kugonga chuma

btw drone school in Kenya is not cheap

Infantry will always be the meat and potatoes of any conflict. It’s cheaper and easier to train and replace a footsoldier than it is to do the same with specialized personnel like drone operators.

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Of course they will be initially expensive, but cheap AF with time

Chinese are pumping these things out under$60 daily angalia alibababa… soldier anahitaji chakula, pampers, ammunition, food, na salary do the math…drones are psychological weapons and can be controlled far from the battle field

Sorry but you are wrong.

internet, radio, ai detectors… technology is evolving realtime

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I don’t deny that drones and other technology will have more prominent roles in the wars to come. But it will always come down to boots on the ground.

pawns will always be there… point is… killing them has become too easy. even an 8 year old can do it with a drone

An 8 year old can also kill with a rifle. Or a cellphone that’s an IED detonator. Drones are just another tool in the toolbox. The workman (soldier) will always be the core of the military.

Its possible for one to just learn how to operate a drone without going to any school.

Yaani kulikuwa na gaming ya hii …WestGAte style

Pampers za kina @sokwemtu ? Why the fuck would a soldier need pampas for ?

according to statistics 40% of soldiers shit themselves on their first combat situation

Hii ni kali

Yes. Buy a drone, some of them come with simulator software. Or just train with a simulator software.

People might not see it now but drones are the future. With a little bit of tweaking, you can actually pilot several autonomous drones. Just feed the instructions, give them an area, and the AI can identify any person holding a weapon and neutralize them.
Imagine going to an area, feeding faces to a drone and it’ll do facial analysis, threat analysis, consequence analysis, collateral damage analysis, and weapon analysis autonomously. Yaani a few drones can do a grid search for your face in Nairobi, once they have acquired it they won’t fire at you ukiwa kanisa or in a crowded area, they tag you and follow, analysing whichever activity you are doing, board a matatu and the drone(s) still won’t fire. Ukiwa solo kwa gate, it then decides on the best weapon to finish the job. So autonomous that if it realizes that it’ll be low on fuel it will task another one to come hold the fort

basically, plot ya cod advanced warfare

Unachukua mawe unapiga hio drone na uzito ya sembe

Hahaha, no kenyan military personel wears diapers, none at all. Unless they are in hospital and have no bowel control. I just read some statistics that you put up there about new boots shitting themselves, I hope its a joke. We have had several joint training with atleast most of the modern militaries in the world and Africans included and I have never picked such practise ya kuvaa pampers. No it’s not a thing. Peace keeping missions and other missions that we are part of has put as at the thick of intense firefights where several souls have been lost ,na sijawai skia io story yako. Do some people get diarhea?yes, and its easy unaenda unachimba shimo unaachilia.