Game store at Garden City Thika Road.

After all the hype supermarket have better deals on offer and new goods Sma ni zile za nakumat na naivas. ??

I hear that the parking lot is usually full, not to mention the traffic jam at the entrance.

[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=7]*garden city[/SIZE][/FONT]

Thanx for the correction.

Wooi egrich appeared on cheap. Hebu meza chakula kwanza baba.

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wapi ile picha ya osungu ikipiga mtu chenga?

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Ati Herbert Ojwang ni double dealer, anakula jubilee na cord ama ni mole ya UK?

If you have nothing to do don’t do it here!!!

Kuna watu wako biz there… a laptop was lost from one of our display n Cctv footage doesnt show any suspect,this was on Sato…so b careful

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Not yet set foot there

It’s too crowded at the moment. Wacha a month ipite, the excitement will have gone down kiasi.

saa hii every idler anaenda huo hata kununua maziwa, na bado, Two Rivers is opening in Gigiri september and it will be bigger than Garden City

Imagine that. Halafu malls kama Taj, Shujaa in kayole na Highway mall still have vacant shops. Nairobi has too many malls at the moment.

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There are two more coming up around Juja, when we were in High School ukiskia mall ilikua tu Sarit Center and to a small extent Nakumatt Lifestyle

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Am nt sure whether its this one which will have a car showroom

iko ruaka

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mwambie iko opposite heri square ndio asipotee

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Actually, guys are closing shop at trm. Mall business is bad…not profitable at all, especially if you don’t have big money


Another Game or just another mall? I think the excitement is over a new entrant in the market which means better deals to the consumers

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