Game of thrones... The bitter ending nobody wants to talk about!

So guyz it’s been a couple of months since Got ended and by now anyone who was following it pretty has watched the last season so story ya spoilers haiko. I have noticed how talkers have given it a wide berth meaning that everyone got really bored by the lazy writing. In order to deliver six episodes much content was forced into episodes that would have on any occasion made two separate episodes for example when bran tells khaleesi that the night king has her dragon the show doesn’t allow the gravity of the news sink in, also how misandei is captured its very rushed.

The relationship between Jamie and bryene was fun when it was platonic letting them fuck and Jamie leaving her crying like a bitch beats the essence of building her character as strong woman through the seasons. Hata wangewacha a end up na huyo giant wildling!

Waiting for two years only for cersei to die in pile of rubble wtf? This is someone who we envisioned would die the most of terribliest of death enough said.

Bran really bran haki hawa wasee walikua wanafikiria nini? Hata wangewacha night King akalie it would have been dramatic.

Banishing Jon to the wall and taking back the black ! When he had declared his watch had ended?? Afadhali angeuawa kwa battle for winter fell!

Anyway the cinematography was on point but the writing lazy wacha Sasa nianze kusoma vitabu! What was your thought on the season finale?



Whats Game of Thrones?
Is it a computer game?
It was talked about so much sometime back.

You haven’t even touched that Jon and starks will accept keeping a secret even after their father died cuz he was about exposing the truth… The execution of the spider… Like all those honourable men will execute someone for a lie and stand their just like when Ed stark was executed… That shit and all bs Jon Snow was turned into a background character greyworm had more character work than him…sansa Had more balls than all of. Em… Hii metoo

Yes! WTF? Fukem. Anyway, sawa tu. Hata mimi nilikerwa sana na hayo matukio mawili.

First of all the giant wildling wasn’t attracted to Breana, the Wildling that was attracted to her was the short one.

The death was OK , all that she was trying to protect killed her in a humiliating way. It all crumbled on her

Nobody would have matched night king of he got the throne. He was too dangerous to come close to power. Everyone would have turned zombies and there would have been no fun

He left castle black at the end to go live with the wildlings

the ending was very poor , kwanza fight ya GIant na hound was too short and stupid with falling debris . too much nonsense . feminism and homosexuals killed the best series

Feminazi wameharibu the latest terminator pia.

You saying like she was about protecting the people since the iron throne din collapse on her but the red keep… And she used the people as shields… Wacha kujaribu kutetea hii script it was written by the guys who did this
If you can do such a thing to a character to deadpool and still think they can carry on where G. R. R. MARTIN left off… They made the merc with a mouth debut without a mouth let’s not start with the drop of quality dialogue… Cersie was just high all season talking like a stoner

From Bran the builder to Bran the broken, nobody predicted that

Nymeria direwolf… Apart from ghost we expected to be told how she went…
Azar ahai… The tense conversations she had with the lord of whispers and for the very first time we saw him terrified should have made for a grand reunion but wapi!!

I was rooting for Stannis Baratheon, his character was destroyed by an ‘indipendent’ woman, why couldn’t they let the war be a matter of wit and strategy.