Game of Thrones discussion: Battle of Winterfell

Today the biggest battle in Television and movie history airs, it is said the battle is longer than the Battle of Helm’s Deep of Lord of the rings. Leteni predictions, do you think the night King will be able to raise the dead starks in the crypts as zombies and attack the children and women who are hiding in the crypts that’s why Arya was scared in the trailer? or Maybe Bran the builder who built Winterfell too might have protected it with the same charms used to protect the wall since he built the wall too? let’s discuss
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kwani unawatch live mahali?

HBO app shows it 5 mins early before telly

Navixsport app will stream for you if broke

Showmaxx pia nadhani wanaonyesha

Amazon prime will have it after Telly

Spoiler ya last scene being that of the Night King’s shadow coming up to pick Jon Snow’s sword lying on snow covered in blood iliniharibia hii kitu


I have watched all seasons so far. I just don’t get the excitement people have about this TV show. To me it is an average epic okay tv show that I wouldn’t lose sleep over. Anyway, the white walkers will win and Viserion will kill one of the other dragons Drogon or Rhaegal .

This would be quite a stretch if it happened. I thought he could only raise people he’d killed? Unless he somehow influenced their deaths from beyond the wall. Anyway, anything is possible. At this point I’m just assuming everyone will die. That way I won’t be disappointed.

Mtu akijaribu kuweka spoiler tafadhali @admin mrushe siberia

remember the wildlings do not bury their dead but burn them

I have been waiting for this battle for so long. Main characters will be killed off faster than in previous seasons. What are the odds one of the starks becomes a white walker.

That episode sucks balls. The battle scenes were great, but the ending was crap. In proper ASoIaF style Bran should have been killed. There shouldn’t be a happy ending.

Everybody pissed but this is actually Martin’s ending, he’s said a few times that the final battle was human v human

I didn’t get that. And after all the throne is what is being fought for and not the White Walkers.

Very disappointing conclusion to the Night King story

Game of thrones and not game of night walker

Just finished watching. It was good good good.

Good? I guess you have never read the books. This show was full of plot holes. Jon was surrounded by tens of whights raised by the NK in one shot and the next it’s all clear. And how the hell did Sam survive while battle hardened unsullied died by the droves? Dany was surrounded by walkers but for some reason they decided to attack one by one so that Jorah could hold them off. Why is Jon so suicidal, popping out in front of Viseryon like that?

Please Explain to us like we are 5 which book you read that season 8 is based on?

That’s the point. George never relies on Deus Ex Machina to save his characters, if a character ends up in a situation where they are likely to die they do, even if they have to be brought back like Beric or Lady Stone heart. This show had very many instances where characters should have died, but they somehow survived. Plot armor.

They ran out of material and now the show is just another troppy skit, the very thing that G. R. R. Martin set out to avoid with ASoIaF.

Msito Night king …wished he ripped off kings landing before his ending