Gamblers like me: The dark side of sports betting - BBC Africa Eye documentary

Dark side? Seriously? Could you name “the dark site” the fact that some people really earn betting on sport? For example, I’ve learned to make predictions on the basis of previous games, and I use this trick, and I am able to earn money with the help of the [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Best Thai Online Betting site, where there are regular promotions and bonuses, and, to be honest, once I was able to earn there about $200 for a single bet :slight_smile: As a result I would like to say, “stupid is as stupid does”, so, nobody is guilty that someone isn’t able to think wisely

Betting ni shit

Kindly share the trick.

I saw this documentary, very interesting.

So wht is important about us if u can’t give us the link