Gaining Weight

Wakubwa i post again for the 100th time. Nimechoshwa na hii skiny body. No matter how I eat mwili haikuji. What type of foods should i eat at least kitambi itokeze

Kula uchafu ushikwe na kwashiorkor…ama ni protein deficiency…?

i eat eggs and beans for proteins

Stop your daily wank routine to preserve protein in your nut sack…


Perfect example… Ngombe ikiwa castrated one effect of it huwa ni kugain weight… So stop spewing your jizz… And preserve it in your system.

@HABILIS got me like
Maybe most of Dec fat people gain is cuz of no fap November

What of @kush yule mnono he is a serial wanker and is still fat

Maybe he takes his vitamins on the regular, try taking vitamin e, that shiet made me gain 9kgs circa 2009.

Join a good gym with professional trainer’s they will come up with proper meal plan and exercise routine. … thank me later.

I am in bad shape. cjui kama hata naeza lift chuma

Unless you are a vegetarian,beans are a not a good source of proteins. If you truly want to gain mass you have to switch to chicken,fish and beef. Body building gurus will tell you that chicken is the best source of proteins for gaining mass. People with skinny genes:D also need to consume a lot of calories daily because what makes you naturally skinny is a high metabolism.Your calories should come from high quality carbs like Brown rice and Oatmeal. Things like githeri and ugali will not get you any gains.

Like I should appreciate the honesty but you never done anything pugilistic hata kidogo… No way one can’t lift… And you a man… Just Don be intimidated at the gym… Do you?

So nikule nyama daily na ugali na rice?

What’s your weight and height? , get fat soon.


They will assess you fitness level so that they can come up with a workout regime tailored made for you… take the plunge wacha uoga.

Iam under weight i can tell u that, hata mimi huogopa kupima weight

peace of mind is also important to achieve your dream. Sio mambo kukimbizana na hessy all the time. All the best ndugu.