One can see he is outranked by his two colleagues but amejiingiza mpka kwa elbow ya Moi. Halafu ana-shine-ia kile Moi anatoa kwa mfuko.

How comes this Gachagua guy never rose to the rank a PS or an Under Secretary ?

He was also Uhuru’s PA when he was a Minister for Local Govt.

how scared was Moi of university students? and did those one masquerading as students allowed to graduate? where are they nowadays si waandike vitabu za espionage

Buke vile alikuwa mzito Uni , siku hizi ni kuhangaika as a peasant . hakujipanga

Rigathi seems to be one of those guys who has been a headache from long time. These arrests are only raising his profile. I’d never heard of the guy until he started being followed by Anti Corruption sleuth…i also have a feeling he likes to play his cards the background… His brother the Governor was a prop. Rigathi himself would have Run for the seat and only went for MP.

Watch this man very carefully. He and Lootall seem to be playing from the same handbook.

He wasnt scared of them…but he was deeply worried of what they could ignite…remember that dude who set himself alight?

Rigathi kalijipanga kitambo. I will soon book an appointment with this man from my birth county

During this time as PA he was an undersecretary.

Unikatie kakitu fellow mbirrionaire…

Does the guy look like a kiuki? He was Moi illegitimate son. Guys don’t tell me that you do not this

Their academic progress is conveniently slowed by “supplementaries” as the rest of their classmates progress …then they somehow disappear, as though they fell off the face of the earth. They never complete their courses.

Nothing illegitimate. I’m from his village and his relatives share same looks and character. Ni ile kiburi ya pesa ako nayo. But he is a performer.

Chief unataka kuonja Mali ya Moi

So he will be voted saa mbili asubuhi

Ihwagi kagochi rd dont exist no more.
As are MPig he has done nothing about it

Contractor asha set site…na ameziba potholes already…recarpeting to start soon

How does a kikuyu look? If there’s one trobe with no look it’s Greeks.

To do what? Waaayyy out of your league.