An unstoppable movement it is

No president in Africa has ever been disrespected by ordinary citizens like Uhuru.

Thanks to his principle assistant Ruto.

Matiang’i na Raila ndo walipewa io kazi ya kuassist president

Rigathe is really courting trouble. Given his history. Dictators Uhuru and Murathe are busy sharpening their knives.


Its kenyans who elected Ruto, and they still trust him, why should he resign?

Out principle. If Kenyans elected him with Uhuru and now the joint ticket is untenable he should pull of the arrangement. It’s in order.

Hata huyo uhuru anaweza tuondokea

Gachagua should first explain to us how billions of Ksh, some from Nyeri county where his brother was governor, ended up in his personal accounts.

I voted for Uhuro and I think the deputy should resign. Those elections were like a situation where you marry a single mother. You love the mother but dont like her baggage. So you would be very happy to see the baggage go away.

Don’t get it twisted Big Fire. Uhuru is the President of the Republic… It is his constitution right as President to set the agenda. If the man with the constitutional mandate to be first assistant in the execution of that agenda is uncomfortable with it or unsatisfied with the conditions at the work place; then he can’t be first assistant or deputy President. Now that he is not willing to endorse the President’s plan he WSR must vacate office. More so when your boss by constitutional right has publicly declared that he has no confidence in you. It Uhuruto is not a Co-Presidency. Now catch a fire and let that sink in.

huyu jamaa allegedly 12 billion passed hrough his accounts and the same citizens aliibia , wanamshangilia wakiitisha wheelbarrow …siasa mbaya maisha mbaya