Under Ghadhafi Libya had order. The west armed radical rebel groups to overthrow him. These various groups didn’t disarm and go home. They didn’t get power in the new Libya and therefore become gangsters for hire in farms, mafia and immigration cartels.

Under him, they had a “quieter” press. This is not new information for those who know what has been happening all along.

Really, I didn’t know that.

goes to show which bits of your heroes you chose to “learn” about

hmmmmm i wonder if you’re another mugabe admirer

evidence or tits

its online dipshit!

if you got the time to suck all the tiny cocks of the worst people who had a chance to be powerful, the least you can do is also learn what they did to get there

Some people dont believe white westerners can do anything wrong. The idea that mzungu can be malicious seems improbable.
They think the western model of society is perfect; that mzungu has built a perfect society.

While its true mzungus have progressed materialwise and in creating order, it neither means that their society is best to live in nor that justice(not the constitutional kind) prevails in their society better than it does elsewhere.

ni kama mwingine hapa ananiambianga american women are slim juu huwa anawatch series sana. hollywood gives a picture of what americans are like, hehehe. That is one of the fattest nations

Amazing how fast the hitherto quiet press have rediscovered their larynx.

fact is libya is now worse than it ever was… rape or no rape

Waliuwa msitoooooo.

it’s nice that you all start seeing the “real facts of life” just because someone came all over your brains

WHO WAS LIBYA WORSE FOR BEFORE? the slavers were even more active then … as were the rapists

Qaddafi was just in on it and kept it on the down low because he was part of it!


You must be the same idiots who think China is one big paradise! I bet you have a blog about how awesome South America is!


Based on the current crop of journalists we have especially in Kenya believe you me a ‘quieter’ media is much better. You must avaoid trying to chart your own path on the opinions of your neighbor. The democracy that has been consistently pushed down our throats by whites and specifically Americans is purely Eurocentric. A democracy that doesn’t factor in our various rich cultures and traditions is bound to destroy our social fabric rather than build it. A pro-active civil society and media is part of it has to be responsible and act with the interests of the country at heart. What we have in Kenya are media houses ready to create tension, fear and they even push foreigner’s agendas for the sake of sales. For every freedom there is a responsibility attached to it. I would rather a quiet media than the useless masses of flesh we have in media fraternity in the name of Journalists. There was a time Kenya had Journalists, well read and good writers.

Every Nation even the USA you see some of your virtual sisters here talking about its goodness has had a checkered past. The USA being among the worst. That country is ran by corporates, their labour laws are nothing to write about, their health policies are hopeless, they still cannot look at a black person as a human being despite having been in that country for aslong as they have. The USA has to paint China as a bad country yet they borrow from China and buy from China. The sole reason is to discredit China’s mode of governance and agitate for Capitalism. Media freedom is not has never been the panacea for the social ills a country suffers from. Britain is a shadow of her former self yet its media is liberalized.

Let them be. If you have worked with these people you would know ni wezi like any other person. Most of them other than kizungu hamna kitu ya maana atakuwa anasema and yes very ignorant of every other country.

take the time to stop pointing fingers at “the whities”

you might all just grow some brains

Then stop profiling the Libyan media based on yardsticks created by the whites. Put forth what your ‘brainy’ African self considers a ‘loud’ media.

so long live the USA? I know a few libyans on a personal level… i know what was and what is…not from the “interwebs”

Wazito wawili, they may have had a bad side to them, but I believe things would have been better in their respective countries if they were around.


never mentioned it once