G for gun

And you wonder why kids are turning to crime

Your reasoning:

G for goat and you wonder why your kids are fcking goats

Yep,its all depends on your thinkin Capacity …

L for lion.

And you wonder why lions are the fastest growing group of voters in central Kenya.

G should be for girrafe.And i wonder why some people have thick heads.

Alphabets K/talk edition:

A for Assholes
B for Balls
C for Coomer
D for Dry Fry
E for Electronics4u :slight_smile: (asanda sana)
F for forum
G for Gatheti
H for Hekaya peleka huko------------------------------------->
I for…


hehehehe, the free klost spirit is slowly coming back.

who’s your dealer???
punguza dose mjamaa

I for Ikuss

P for safi kama pamba.

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M… For MKIA… Swafi kapsaa…

Hio avator yako ni noma, makes me chuckle everytime I see it


it all depends with your reasoning capacity


R for Room 254

M- momo