FYI: Win 10 Update Removes Windows Media Player

Microsoft has been hard at work killing native apps in favour of the pitiful Universal apps. First they came for the trusty utility apps (Calculator, Sticky Notes etc); then they shot Control Panel in the knee severely crippling it. Next they dealt Paint a deathblow and burried it at the Cemetery of Abandoware. And now it looks like Windows Media Player is in the crosshairs.

Update KB4046355 from Microsoft disables Windows Media Player in favour of the weak Groove app.

Damn MS! WMP is the only music player I know, and I can’t live without SRS. Arguably the best sounding consumer media player and library.

I like their latest media player it has an option to minimize video player to a floating player and continue using other apps while a kasmall screen plays video.
And if u have many videos in one folder it plays them continuously unlike in vlc whereby u load all videos to a player hence hogging down your ram

Man, WMP was the bomb, it’s @TerribleWaste that they want to do away with it.

Groove Ni fwack I love media player for the way it indexes media …speaking of which nipe link where I can download ile app ya destroy windows 10 spying Ile haina malware

Here you go:

pot player is the best player detects and plays all media. there are some youtube videos in MKV format which cunt even be detected by VLC. download pot player now then get back…

The update removes Windows Media
Player from the device (files and
context menu entries), but it does not
prevent users from installing it again.

Music bee all the way

it has been useless anyway…vlc chews anything i throw at it

its more of a calculated move to protect themselves against piracy by association related pitfalls, one of the most used features on WMP was the CD RIP functionality, think along those lines

Unaweza kumbuka how MS has been removing stuff like IIS, Calculator, Control panel, PhotoViewer…? The did it in steps. First they rolled updates to disable them, next to make them very hard to run without overwriting dll’s or making registry changes… then the next update removes them entirely. And you have to copy them from old versions and edit registry to put them back… and sometimes that does not work at all. The next few updates will remove it completely. Where is Windows Media Center now?

Wenye hawajai hama windows 7 na Ubuntu tuketi wapi?

The should just have removed CD ripping. This effectively kills their WMA format as well because I don’t think there is a ripper out there that rips to WMA (by default). And MP3 format does not require licensing now… WMA was dead anyway lol.

merry go round ama hizo swings ziko hapo karibu

I tried Ubuntu 17.10 beta2: the screen went crazy after waking from sleep. I saw all the colours of the rainbow.

EDIT: Oh and Win 7 is old dude. Use Win8.1. Recognizes USBs faster and has a better file copy dialog.

Win 8? Kwani ulinunua StartIsBack ama unatumia the horrendous Start button that is on Win8. Hiyo kitu niliguza wakati ilitokea nika reinstall Win 7 pap. Fuck hiyo stuff.

In this time and age bado watu hutumia CDs? Hata rig yangu nilinunua case haina optical drive like cd rom coz in my humbe opinion physical disks like CDs are surely on the death bed!

I cried when they removed MS Paint.

The menu and Win 8 shortcuts are pretty useful and practical if you get used to them. Microsoft got it right the first time it’s just that the general public has a morbid fear of change… and the critics did not help either. Never needed StartIsBack or any equivalent of it.

people are so fucking resistant to change, kwanza hawa watu wamekwamilia windows 7 with their best ever OS claims mimi hushangaa form yao ni gani