FXCL in Kenya (Free Forex classes)

We at FXCL in kenya are offering free forex classes that a sponsored by a brokerage firm called FXCL.
You can visit out facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/fxclinkenya/ ) tomorrow at 11 am and check out a live video of the beginners class.
You can also check out other videos of other classes in the past and if you like them you can pay us a visit at Ruprani House room 204 on Moktar Daddah st opposite Jeevanjee gardens or give us a call on +254715100563

If it is free somewhere along the line one will pay. My guess is they will trade with your firm.

you will trade with fxcl as a brokerage firm. and you wont be required to pay, just invest after you have learnt

Good idea. But I figure your training will be biased towards your systems. Am certain you will not mention your competitors.

Niko tu sawa na momentum trading, thank you. I don’t trust these systems…

fxcl is the company sponsoring the training, it would be unfair if we supported other brokerage firms. Never the less, we dont force you to invest so that you can learn, rataher we encourage you to invest after training and also when you feel ready to trade