Hii maneno ya FWB kumbe huleta feelings.

I have been fucking this bitch for the last 3 months and we had a FWB arrangements to be specific our relationship was casual and we usually met for sexual encounters only. Just received a text from her saying how she has started developing feelings for me and she wouldnt mid both of us giving a relationship a try. She is pretty lakini hapo kwa kudate ni kizungumkuti.
Kwani madem pia hucatch feelings?

What type of question is this surely

So you think you are robots


Just how wealthy are you and how’s your life compared to her’s. I’d bet she wants you for a life upgrade.

simps can’t be rescued

why are you against a relationship with her? mkubali.

Fuga kunguru alafu ulete hekaya

Hata sketch ya hii jameni

admin unasimbua

It’s almost always the woman who catches feelings

Ni possible pia. It’s not otherworldly that she has fallen for you.
However it’s more likely she has identified you as a provider. You don’t necessarily have to have simped. Just from your interaction na upelelezi kidogo kama kusnoop Kwa Whatsapp ama dress code or mannerisms anaona anaweza kafunga if she gets you to commit. Bora usipee yeye mimba uko tu sawa

Hakuna Kuma ya bure, anajitayarisha kushika ball…

Jitayarishe kufuga malaya. Probably she also has side niggas who she has the same arrangement with. From the look of things, seems you are doing well for yourself.

Kimbia Timbuktu kabla uitwe baba Ryan. Also never poop where u eat

FWB situations always end or elevate because of feelings. Shida ya ku attempt to elevate is how each person perceives the other i.e. if you view the FWB as a lesser person na ulikuwa tu unagwara ku pass time, usianze mapenzi because haitenda mbali. Alafu inakuja na insecurities mob, coz the person knows you had a FWB situation, atashuku you had other ones as well and will work on discovering and ending them.

As for your question, just know that water is wet.

Secondly, it’s not just feelings. During those months, she has concluded that you can provide. That’s what’s at play here, not your looks or dick game at all

Next; “nimemiss periods”. That’s coming very soon.

Economy iko saidi mbaya kabisa

Vile elders wamesema.

It cant work with her since I have been treating her like a whore. Interest yangu na yeye ni sex tu. Sasa mtu kama huyo utadate aje?