Future Attacks: Nairobi Needs Technology!!

Nairobi needs new technology to be able to combat crime and at the same time respond quickly to sounds of gunfire and explosions.

This down below is called Shotspotter it’s uses acoustic sensors, cameras and other neat sensors. To detect and determine the direction of gunshots, explosions etc. It can also analyze the sounds of gunfire and determine which guns criminals are using and how security forces can respond. It can be directly linked to Nairobi Central Command HQ and can transmit gps coordinates to officers on the ground through smartphones so they can quickly act during such emergencies. So by the time a Kenyans citizen is calling for Police. Officers would be already be rushing towards the danger.

This technology should be made mandatory that all malls, hotels, airports, train stations basically every part of Nairobi is covered by these sensors.


ShotSpotter charges between $65,000 and $90,000 per square mile per year.

Which is a bit expensive but would at least cover the city with more measures to quickly respond to crime.

The second piece of technology needed in Nairobi is a Mobile Command Center. It’s crazy to see commanders like DCI Kinoti entering such zones with zero protection and radios to communicate with ground personnel. The early scenes of chaos between media and GSU officers shouldn’t have happened. A mobile command center transmitting live feeds to all security organs in the country is very much needed. And would be a media designation point whenever it’s put on active situations throughout the city.


For $1.2 million dollars two of these vehicles would provide much needed first incident response services. And as well perform during big events like concerts, conferences etc.

toa upuzi hapa. the way landlords send vijana to deal with difficult tenants is the same way superpowers communicate with difficult countries. you want to play china and us? mtajua hamjui. you cannot eat Chinese money halafu mnataka kufanya kazi na USA. After this terrorist attack you will see Uhuru change the way he relates with China and USA. Next 2 months mtaona difference. kumbaff. Alshabaab are just scapegoats. Ni vijana wa mkono


I always suspected alshabaab is just a money making outfit- religious fanatics my foot !

Very foolish statement.

Ksh6.5 million to ksh9 million per year, is a tall order to businesses in US.

For every 2.5 sq kilometers. Wiki says Nairobi is 696 sq km.

I don’t even know if there’s a city in the US that has implemented this. I remember it being tested in NC. Somewhere in the RDU.

It’s very much active in my city.

How much did the Safaricom CCTV cost again? The government contracted Safaricom to install cameras costing 14.9billion shillings.

This Shotspotter system would have businesses likes malls, airports, hospitals, universities, buildings etc. pay for these systems. Coupled with government installing these sensors on city streets ontop streetlights or electrical poles the system would cover Nairobi’s most active areas like Westlands, Upperhill, CBD, Mombasa Rd, Thika Rd, and eventually touch every high foot traffic area in Nairobi…

Why take all that money to a foreign country. Why Not reinvest on intelligence

Na watoe jeshi somalia … hii upuzi na biashara wanafanya is the first impunity that must end

Is investing in technology, not intelligence?

These terrorist attacks do way more damage to our economy than you realize. The backlash from Westgate shunted tourism in the country thanks to terror warnings. And we’re now just recovering…

Tender zinatafutwa hali zote I see. It still surprises me how 80% of Kenyans believe that al shabab wake up everyday to plan in their next attack and may be feel satisfied after earning nothing …Lol

yes, this isn’t tech. Kenya cant build, ni ufala wa tumbo ndo ina tuvuta chini more & more

Kenya gets half billion dollars a year to stay in Somalia.

Alafu weka marupurupu ya Kismayo port and you realize we’re never coming out of Somalia until they have their own strong national army.

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I Dont get why we have to play peacemaker for a country that has always wanted a chunk of our territory and has persisted since independence in sending armed raiders across the border to disrupt our over politicized & fucked up way of life, the moment Somalia’s army becomes capable, if ever, kenya will doubtless be threatened by her.

Do ships still get jacked near the Somali waters ?
That also used to be their cash cow…or so I thought.

This is true man … its the business of war … kuna watu wanataka hiyo vita iendelee wanukishe kitunguu