Fun Fact Saturday

The Netherlands is well known for its biking culture, but did you know that there are more bikes than people in the Netherlands? According to the Dutch Bureau for Statistics (CBS), the Netherlands is home to 17.3 million people and 22.8 million bikes! Even the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte occasionally rides his bike to work. How often do you cycle to work?

A shait moment…

I think the geographical state of that country favours them,hapa kwetu ni milima na mabonde,bike itakumaliza makenda mkuu

It’s a tiny country and has one of the highest population densities in the developed world. You don’t expect everyone to have a car since most of the land is dedicated to agriculture.

It’s less than the size of garissa county. Granted, it’s an amazing tiny country, they export almost $1 trillion in agricultural products and machinery even though they import most of the products and then add value for export. They have more than 250k millionaires from agriculture compared to Kenya’s 9k. We could learn a lot from how they do business.

Kuna statistics zingine hapo straight delivered from your arse


Wow, how did you know, are you a member of the arse brigade?