Fun fact of the day: ukitaka jua yuko tight ama ni mtaro


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This is gold…

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Vile @chap amesema

If you cant get to see the gap simply look at the shape of the mouth. My observation is always correct. (after confirmation)


Wangechi syndrome

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uwongo na upus

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most wangechi dont have the gap. I dont know why I never find the thing too big. I think the too wide thing is just perception.

This is not true…I know momos in the house were all smiles…But me thinks the only thing that affects the tightness of the vagina is childbirth.
There are some women with no gaps but if u listen keenly u can hear their vaginas “belching” with every step they make…Yeah its not the high heels.


Eti belching? Talkers mna mambo!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I totally disagree with you.
“Grip” has nothing to do with childbirth ama the number of childre born out of the nyap.
“Grip ni kipawa”; Some women have it,some women dont!
Naomba fursa hii kuwatetea wanawake walomo kwenye mtandao huu ambao hawana la kusema ila wanazisoma komenti hizi kwa hofu.;
Before any man calls a woman a “mtaro”,you might want to get a second opinion from your local poko on whether you actually “measure up”. A pencil dick holder thinks every woman is a “mtaro” kumbe ni yeye ake na kadudu kadogo.


Ha haa , sasa huwa unaskiliza all these sounds wheno_Oo_O

Somebody didn’t get to reproductive biology topic.

Hii topic iachiwe female talkers so that they share their valuable insights based on their sexperiences.

How about the momos who are fit , and ride that gymn bicycle :):slight_smile: they ought to be tight

After breaking virginity completely, the thing remains the same unless its is damaged during child birth.

There is only one way to find out @Purr_27 . And you know i respect you very much.

Ni dame mwingine anaishi pale Kìnùngì

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