Fulfilling my husband's fantasy (maybe)

OK I need some feedback from total strangers if possible. My name is preety and am new here . I’m a 29 year old mother of one and I take great care of myself. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 4 years now. We have a great life and wonderful sex life. For years it has been his fantasy to watch me with another guy. I have always said “no way in hell” but we can fantasize about it during sex. I have to admit, that it’s a big turn on and I am now considering doing for real under the right circumstance. My husband is not pushy at all. I would love to discuss this with someone who has possibly experimented with this before. Any wives on here or couples who have done this? It’s not like I can discuss this with my girlfriends but I am curious to see if there is anybody out there who has done this before. Thanks - Preety


Not a pink handle?..here come the insults!

Picha yako and your husband fantasizing during sex will be very helpful.


Dont do it Please

Am sure Kabuda has already done this before. Wacha apark lorry he’ll give you his full experience


can you watch him with another woman, if not then stop there.


Please do upload a nude photograph of yourself so that we can be able to analyze critically your predicament and come up with a remedy as quick as possible.

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Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you are indeed a woman, i’ll thrown my hat in the ring and say this. It would be hot at first, yes. But i think he will resent you later and throw it back in your face. The assumption being, if you can give another guy when he is there, what is to stop you from giving someone else without his knowledge?
and what happens if that guy gives it to you better than anything your husband or any other guy ever has? will you look at you man the same way?

there was some story like this those days of “busted” on radio. Some chic and her hubby had had a threesome with another chic whom the wife had brought. It was meant to be a one time thing. but the chic had given the jamaa so properly that he continued seeing her behind the wife’s back. When the wife found out and complained, he guy told her that she was the one who allowed this chic to come to their bed so the wife should shut up. He will keep dinyaing the both of them and if she doesnt like it, they can both go back to the wife’s parents and tell them why the wife wants to break their marriage.



please answer that…and while at it a pic of you would be appreciated. Thanks

Lol, uncle!! Ka-buda. you need to quickly respond this

trust you me its not a big deal, i once helped out an Indian couple who had a similar fantasy, the husband wanted to see his wife’s pusssy being torn apart by a big fat black dick, and i was the man for the job, i made her scream like a little baby as her husband watched from the cctv monitor in his work place as me and his wife enjoyed ourselves on his bed
it only happed once and i know for sure there are still together and more in love than before


it happens more often than you think, i guess thats what trending in Nairobi, kind of like the in thing

Another HOYA contender.


This is sickening…

o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Ohaiya, kweli dunia imepasuka mahali

HOYA 2015

if i happen to do it, i will be doing it for him not for me,
thinking about it, it would be easier for me to have a threesome with another woman than for my hubby to watch me with another man provided he orgasms in me and not in her.
so i guess the answer is yes

Entertaining such thoughts is plain evil, disgusting and sickening

Hehe…I think you are eyeing to lay some young guy somewhere and you are fantasizing that your husband might like it. He will break your neck and send you home to mama if you survive.

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