Fugitive apprehended in London.

Alikuwa amehepa jela akaenda kununua Call of Duty kwa Alex wa cyber.



19 months pekee after assaulting an officer? I should move to London. Ingekuwa US angewekewa charges kama 25 na apewe 15 years.

What was his end game after kicking the cop?

If it was the US, angekula risasi.

Because of such soft laws London has become Europe’s crime capital. Knifings, pick pockets etc.

Hapo England unaeza skia jangili sugu, terrorist kama Samantha Lethwaite likipewa 3 years minus 2 years for time served in remand. Ati she is a mother aki woiye. They reformed their system because it was “medieval”. Ukiskia medieval jua tu it was worse than Saudi Arabia.

women in the police wakae tu forensics and other soft jobs , field wawachie ma boyz. ona huyo dem vile anapiga makelele na yeye ndio karau

19 months, he’ll be out before they finish vaccinations in August…what a load of fookin cvnts these britons are.