Fueling station attendants

So yesterday as i was driving home from work I decided to stop by the gas station to fill up. I get there, add some fuel and the attendant asks me ‘nikuangalilie mbele?’, to which I say yes as I presume that it does no harm. Guy tells me that I’m low on motor oil and he suggests that he adds a quart. I agree, next thing he tells me to start the car so that he check the transmission fluid level. On checking the dipstick he tells me, ‘boss hii pia inafaa tuongeze, inaonyesha HOT’ like wtf! isn’t that supposed to be the correct reading for the transmission fluid. It is when I get a clear idea that the fool has no idea what he is doing. So I get home and I get an idea to check my engine oil level. The level reads way high above the FULL mark. I wait for the engine to cool so that I check the levels again. The idiot put excess engine oil, which is not a good thing for the engine. Apparently there was no need to top up anything in the first place. I had to take my car back so that they can drain the excess oil. Lesson learnt: Never trust these people at the fueling stations, they can really fuck you up. Do these checks on yourself.
End of rant

Kwanza ukipata Kadem, chorea. Halafu si gari iko na tag ya next inafaa kufanyiwa service…usiguziwe oil hadi siku ya mileage ya service ifike either 3000km or 5000km mark.
Ile kitu hao watu wanafaa angalia ni level ya coolant ama Maji ya wiper pekee

You are a low IQ bonobo

You guys are living large Banaa. Pull up , ina filling station, and someone fills gas for you ?
Anyways, levels za fluids in your car nikitu uafaa kuwa unaangalia once in a while.

Mimi madem acha tu

Why do you think so?


You are lucky uliekewa oil. Wengine hubeba empty oil cans kwa mifuko wakiinua bonnet wanatupa moja eti umeekewa.


Makende ya ngamia

I stopped being lazy when they conned me 1k kwa hiyo petrol station near Blue Springs Thika road. Niliweka fuel ya 2500, kufika Thika, gari ikawasha taa. I always stop the engine, get out of the car before opening the car tank or bonnet. Na hiyo fuel gauge must be at zero. If it’s checking the oil, I have to see the dipstick. Im not @mokanika, but I know that an engine that’s losing alot of oil has a problem.

Hapa nina drive gari with a dash button to press and get Oil level.

Also automatically tells you when you’re due for next service.

I fill my own tank.

Life’s good.

Kwa nini unakuja kukojolea thread ya wenyewe? Folder!

Those are the basics you should learn when you buy a car. If in doubt peleka kwa your mechanic. Boss, wewe ndio unajua gari yako hata kuliko mechanic.

Hata mimi nilishangaa and the vehicle has no leaks

Coz you went with a decision from a guy who knew zilch about England news and their lubrication.

And where is that?

Trumpland, of course.

this is dependent on your oil. mostly it is ndizzo cars which require a keen eye on oil change. petrol you’re good to go for 7k or more.
most of the time, if you check your filter after the 3/5k change, you’ll find nothing inside it.

OP, next time someone wants to check your “mbele”, GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR CAR AND CHECK AS WELL!!

na hapa tunasema petrori or in queens lingo, petrol. gas hata @Macharia wa kamau atakuambia ni ya jikoni so quit the attempted sophistication.