Fuel smuggling to start very soon.

Even Water and sewage exhauster trucks will soon convert and start smuggling fuel from neighboring countries…


@amun @shikoti @Vin Diesel98 @emali natafuta thermos ndogo naweza ficha ndani ya 40ft container.
Nivutieni wire kitunguu inuke

kenyan status quo.


Venezuela is an oil producer ngombe hii.

Ukipatana na ile askari ya Mau forest au mutheu watakukamua pesa zote utakuwa umepata.

Kwani yenye inatoka Turkana ni mkojo au Elianto?

:smiley: :smiley: I love Zeddy

umeona ikinunuliwa na nani?

kama average price ni 117, na sasa tuko 127… then we aren’t far off the average.

$0.086 in Venezuela. True, but toilet paper costs more there when you can find it!

Prices are in kenya shillings…

Yes, I agree, but we havefood and groceries, and choice. Maduro’s poor serfs only have Maduro.

Enyewe wewe ni fala.

This fala is way ahead of your sorry self on all fronts.

Baadala ya matusi, explain to me what that cheap gasoline means to a Venezuelan when they cannot find the bare necessities.

[SIZE=7][B]Venezuela Inflation Could Reach One Million Percent by Year’s End[/B][/SIZE]

If you want to smuggle something use your spare tyres. Customise some sort of camel bag to fit the lining of the tyre na ujaze mafuta.

The whole of moyale town has only two petrol stations.

That is a ridiculously complicated method.

Are demolitions still going on

Oil venezuela ni 60 bob ksh. Hii upus umelink ni ya kitambo. Cheki maneno